In recent years apps have come to dominate our lives. And perhaps we haven’t even noticed it.

What is an app (application)? Definitions abound. In this blog we will work with the following extract from a longer definition “Broadly, an app is often a self-contained environment for performing some well-defined task such as ‘word processing’.” (

So …. how do you deterimine your appy rating? Give yourself one point for every application you have used in the past week and half a point for one you have used in the past month. The fact that you have dozens (hundreds?) of applications on your iPhone or Android phone counts for nothing – unless you have actually used them.

A personal example?

App Rating
Word 1
Excel 1
Writer’s Workbench 1
YuTube 1
WordPress 1
Facebook 1
LinkedIn 1
Plaxo 0.5
Maps (on iPhone) 1
Skype 1
Trailguru 1
Polar 1
Twitter 1
Google Goggles 1
BBC News 1
Time mobile 1
Huffington Post 1
My Tracks 1
MyBookDroid 1
PayPal 1
Opera 1
Internet Explorer 1
Firefox 1
tweetadder 1
Pluggio 1
Listorius 1
Quora 1
Klout 1
ning 1
CyberGhost 1
Vuze 1
Copernic 1
GOM player 1
Adobe Reader 1
Business Plan Pro 1
Foursquare 0.5
Gowalla 0.5
Barcode scanner 0.5
Day Tides 0.5
MoonPhase 0.5
Accu Weather 0.5
XE currency 0.5
Powerpoint 0.5
Total 38.5

So … are you a muddler, a middler, a mover, or a maven?

Category of app user Score
Muddler (light, intermitten user) <5
Middler (some use but not life shaping) 6 to 20
Mover (your life would fall apart in their absence) 21 to 45
Maven (you use them with pananche and passion) 46 plus

Next time you have an idle moment – rate your appiness!

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